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“No matter the reason you need home care services you can trust us to provide you with that loving care within your home. With over 20 years experience both in nursing and dementia care, we pride ourselves in going that extra little step to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable.”
Trust Us Carer
Trust Us Carer

Home Care Services

Trust Us can offer home care services of Day/Night Sits when required by the client. If you require any of the Day/Night sits Trust Us would be able to offer many of its services during these times. Some of the most relevant home care services clients may require during any Day/Night sits may be-

  • Support for relatives or friends if they have prior appointments  (or just need some personal time)
  • personal care required during the day or through the night

Trust Us can offer the following service for their Night sits-

  • Awake nightsOne of Trust Us carers will come to your home during the night hours and remain awake to provide whatever assistance or monitoring may be required.
  • Sleeping nights: One of Trust Us carers will sleep in your home during the night hours to provide peace of mind and assistance if required.

What ever reason you may require a Day/Night sit, most importantly once our carers come to know you the “client” better we would be able to provide a more personal Day/Night sit.

services we provide

Trust Us can offer you many services ranging from-

  • Personal Care
  • Meals
  • Household duties
  • Shopping
  • Day/Night Sits.
  • Companionship.
  • Dog walking.

What ever your requirements are we are here to assist you with your day to day life.

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“Whatever requirements you may need, be assured Trust Us can provide”

Laura- Trust Us Carer


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