What Can A Personal Care Assistant Do For Me?

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Do you need a personal care assistant, but not sure what they can do for you? If you need straight to the point information to find the best personal home care worker for yourself or loved one. But don’t know where to start, then you’re in the right place!

In this post, I’m going to be covering the different types of care givers there are. With what to expect from a care worker, to the benefits of having a personal care assistant come to your home. Plus.. what qualities you need to look out for in a care worker.


We all love to have our own independence, you could say it’s one of the perks in life with being an adult. Unfortunately as we get older there are certain things we just become unable to do on our own. Including our own in home health care. we’ll at least not as well as a trained professional would do, and most definitely not safely on your own.

Things that we might just have taken for granted, that are critical to the quality of life you lead;

  • The running of a simple errand
  • Personal home care
  • Simple cleaning of the home
  • Preparing of meals
  • Taking prescribed medication, at the right time
  • In home health care

While the listed things above may appear simple to do now. As we become older these tasks that once seemed simple as time goes by become less so.


Relying on family members to make those errands for you, will in time become inconvenient and more frustrating. Because each member of the family will lead their own busy lives, making it a stressful time for all. Even more so, if there is long term personal care is needed.

Your simple solution to prevent any unforeseeable inconveniences or disasters from happening. To both yourself or a family member is to then look at hiring a personal care assistant.

With having your own personal care assistant is one of the best and most comfortable options for seniors who would rather live in their own home but require that additional help.

What Are The Different Types Of Care Givers?


There are many different types of care givers you can hire or employ to help you live a better and more comfortable life. All with different qualities, qualifications to best suit your needs.

As being a senior in need of some home care, it is best to know ahead of time, the different types of care workers. So you can identify the best services suited to your needs at home.

Personal Care Assistant Aides

This is going to be your most common home care worker that most seniors will require. A personal care assistant is going to be someone who can aide the elderly. Or persons with a disability with their day to day living activities within the home giving you that personal touch. In fact you can read another post I made recently on why private care gives you that personal touch clicking here.

A personal care assistant can also be someone who is employed and works within a care home facility for long term care.

Most common duties you will find from a personal care assistant is tasks such as; housekeeping, which would involve (washing of dishes, cleaning of the home, laundry, making beds and etc.

They would also help to prepare meals throughout the day and assist with personal care. Such as, (bathing, dressing and going to the toilet) Also on occasions, care workers would also assist with running errands or transportation to current appointments.

Home Health Worker Aides

Much like the personal care assistant, the home health worker would provide you with home care and assistance within your home. The only difference between the two is the home health worker would have more advanced training and qualifications. Which makes them capable of identifying and recognising undesirable symptoms in their patients.

This then allows them to get you the necessary help much more quickly.

Registered Nurses


With registered nurses, they are professional care workers who are qualified to work in and out of a hospital. Many occasions a registered nurse would be assigned to you when a senior has undergone any major surgery or operation, recovering from any debilitating medical condition.

Why does this matter?

This then would make a registered nurse the best choice for your home care. They are someone who can help with your rehabilitation and post-treatment care needs.  Such as a diet, exercise, nutrition, and medication.

On many occasions registered Nurses are often recommended as follow-up care once you have been discharged from hospital. Or a care facility when you need long-term health care.

Physical Therapists Care Workers

Another typical issue that most seniors find, is when their mobility becomes an issue. This is when a physical therapists would be required, to alleviate the stiffness and pains. They are professionals who would work with you the individual that is experiencing any kind of difficultly moving around your environment.

They also can provide specialist service for seniors who have had any joint replacement surgery. With their job mainly being to make sure you can safely move around within your home and the community.


There are many other professionals that can provide care within your own home. Although they have different titles, they all provide making your life easier and to improve quality of life.

Home Care Service

What Does A Personal Care Assistant Do?


In a nutshell, a personal care assistant ensures you have an easy a life you can possibly have at home. They help with your medication, from knowing which ones are to be taken. To running errands and collecting your medication from the pharmacies.

Most care workers will also aide with the day to day chores. And give you the companionship within your home when you need someone to fall back on. It is their job to help you see the silver lining when any age-related issues, get you down as they tend to do sometimes.

Even though it is their duty to ensure you live within a safe and caring environment. It is also a requirement for a personal care assistant to respect your choices, as long as they do not place you at any health risks.

Top Benefits Of Having A Personal Care Assistant


What you’ve been waiting for, the top benefits of having a personal care assistant coming to your home. The benefits are numerous, and apart from the very obvious with you having a professional. That would be looking out for your health and care within your home.

You are also going to have the peace of mind knowing you are now not alone!

If you’re thinking of taking the next step with hiring a personal care assistant but are still undecided. Here are some associated benefits that can help you make the right choice:

  • Personal Home Care is Very Affordable: This alone, is one of the biggest deterrents with in-home care today. Many people think it is an expensive option with hiring a care worker within your home. But, the truth of the matter is, hiring a home care worker costs a lot less per hour than it does to commit yourself to a nursing home!
  • You Will Receive A Range of Services: With hiring a in-home carer, it will provide you with more than just the typical personal care services. With them also helping around your home, with running errands and preparing meals each day. With much more provided to aide you with your day to day living.
  • It Will Offer You A More Personalised Care Package: When you hire a home care worker, you will be hiring their full attention while they are within your home. They will provide you with their complete care and attention during their working hours. This tends to be critical when dealing with age-related illnesses and recovery.
  • Keeps Family Close: With many cases, if a nursing home is required, they can be in far off locations. So, this can make things difficult for your family to visit as often as they would like. But… if you have a home care worker instead, this ensures that you are not uprooted and taken away from your beloved family members.
  • You Get to Keep Your Independence: With in-home care, you will be living right at home. This will mean, you get to keep your independence which will in time help to boost your confidence and comfort.
  • Companionship: Lastly, a care worker can prove to be vital with a senior who may either have no family, or they live far away from family. To have companionship through the day to day home care the care worker provides. This may just be taking the time to sit down and having a simple cup of tea!

Out of all these benefits, the main one that stands out is that an in-home care worker will provide you and your family with much needed peace of mind.

Just knowing that there is a trained, qualified, and certified individual providing you. Or, your loved one with the necessary care in the comfort of your own home. Is what will take the load of yours and your families loved ones too.

Main Qualities To Look For In A Home Care Worker?

So, now you know the benefits of having a in home care worker. Lets now look over what are the main qualities you should look for in a care worker to look after your or a loved one.

Below are some of the main qualities you need to look for when hiring a personal care assistant;

  • Punctuality: You defiantly need a care assistant who takes timeliness very seriously. When considering that most of your day will be planned around the care that they are going to be providing.
  • Responsibility: This will depend on how responsible both parties are when it comes to keeping to a set schedule. It’s going to be absolutely necessary, when it comes to taking medication.
  • Patience: Very important, you will need a care assistant who is very patient and caring because sometimes there will be frustrating moments for both of you.
  • Will Go That Extra Mile: You need a care assistant who is prepared to go that extra mile when you need them to do so.
  • Quick Learner:  Having a care assistant who can learn those needs and preferences quickly so that both of you can live harmoniously.
  • Be A Good Listener: Lets face it, no one really likes having to repeat themselves. So it’s just as important you have a care assistant who will listen to you and hear what you say.

So, to answer the main question:

‘What can a personal care assistant do for me?’

In fact, a lot!

The best care  assistants will be your friend, your companion, your guide, and someone who will help improve the quality of your life tremendously. When you find the right one, you will feel more at ease knowing that you are cared for by a certified professional.

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