Why Private Care Gives You The Personal Touch

Private Care

Why Should You Choose Private Care?

Are you unsure if you should choose private care, or use a care company for your own or loved one’s personal care needs? If so then you’re in the right place!

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you why private care should be considered as your priority goal for personal care needs. I will outline who should consider the use of a private carer, and the services you can expect to be included within a private care package. Plus… why you should consider private care.

What Is Private Care?

Private CarePrivate care is care that is usually paid for by the client out of pocket, or is paid privately. Other private care policies may be from a long-term care policy. In using personal care, it will not be limited by insurance restrictions or other such requirements.

Most likely someone that is searching for personal care, will include the services for a patient or a family member that is required for either a long- or short-term period. Patients may receive personal care in their homes, by a skilled nurse or from a rehab facility. It can also be provided through a hospital, and can even be provided to a client while they are on a vacation.

A personal carer such as myself can also offer you support, as much or as little as you require. This also includes such support with any daily tasks you may need support with.

Such as;

  • bathing/showering
  • dressing
  • toileting

Which, would be usually provided to the patient or client within the comfort of your own home.

Who Should Consider Care Services

Companionship CareWhen it comes to the requirements of personal care, and if this is something you should be considering yourself, or for a loved one. There are some guide lines to consider. Private care will allow the elderly and disabled individuals to have the opportunity to remain in their homes and communities.

This can give reassurance and offer the assistance needed to family members.

The best part?

It’s going to give family members peace of mind, with the knowledge of that their loved one has the companionship and stimulation from a trained home care professional. It should also be considered when occasionally support may become required. From a family member recently becoming ill or unfortunately had a fall and returned home from hospital. Or perhaps even you yourself may struggle with any day to day tasks you once found simpler to do.

What Services Can You Expect?

The word Private Care is used broadly to cover many forms of personal hygiene, toileting, dressing and even your personal appearance. Which can be found on Wikipedia for the word meaning. Private care can complement or extend covered services.

Care services may include:
  • Toileting-Help to get to the toilet, or usage of a commode or bed pan
  • Bathing/Showering
  • Applications of lotions and creams
  • Facial grooming
  • Make-up and Hair styling
  • Oral Hygiene
  • Companionship
  • Respite services for family caregivers
  • Meal preparation and assistance with feeding
  • Light housekeeping (including grocery shopping and errands and laundry)

These services provided, would be with working with you the client or a family member within your regular daily routine. To ensure that each client are provided with the support needed.  Quite often care packages and services are tailored to the client specific requirements.

Why Is Private Care The Right Choice For You?

right choice Choosing Private Care is going to be the right choice for yourself or your loved one for many reasons. No matter the reason you may require care within your home, you will need to make sure you find a private carer who is suited to your daily needs. Someone who is skilled within the correct care requirements with a good amount of experience.

Reasons why private care is the right choice for you;

  • With paying out-of-pocket, it is going to give you much greater flexibility in the required type and the amount of care services you receive.
  • If you do not qualify for benefits or if you have exhausted them yet still require or need more care, then private care is going to allow you to avoid these restrictions and limits.
  • Paying for private home care may also be a less costly, than the alternatives such as a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Trust Us Personal Care

Trust Us can offer Private Care that you can trust in and offer many other services in and around the Norfolk area.

No matter the reason you need private home care you can trust us to provide you with that loving care within your home. With over 20 years experience both in nursing and dementia care, we pride ourselves in going that extra little step to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable.

To find out more about us just click here.

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