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Imagine if you had someone who could provide you with those important Private Home Care Enhancements within the Norfolk area. With 6 of those Private Home Care Enhancements right here and now, and each of them would improve your quality of life instantly. Wouldn’t that save you a bunch of time finding the right person for the care you require. Lucky for you , that’s exactly what we are going to share with you today.

Personal Care
1. Personal Care 

One of the first private home care enhancements that “we” at Trust Us Personal Home Care Services can provide within the Norfolk area to you, is personal care. Personal Care is where we can offer you support, as much or as little as you require. Personal Care is to provide any daily task you may need support with. Support such as bathing/showering, dressing or toileting. Which, we as private home care carers can provide within the comfort of your own home.

Occasionally support may become required, from recently becoming ill or unfortunately had a fall and returned home from hospital. Perhaps even you struggle with any day to day tasks you once found simpler to do.

Trust Us would provide this working with you the client or a family member within your regular daily routine. To ensure that each client are provided with the support needed.  That is tailored to the client specific requirements.

What does personal care cover?

The word personal care is used broadly to cover many forms of personal hygiene, toileting, dressing and even your personal appearance  Which can be found here on Wikipedia for the word meaning.

Personal Care can cover but it is not limited to-

  • Toileting
  • Help to get to the toilet, or usage of a commode or bed pan
  • Bathing/Showering
  • Applications of lotions and creams
  • Facial grooming
  • Make-up and Hair styling
  • Oral Hygiene

Trust Us can offer much more personal care which is more personal to your needs. In addition to Personal Care once we get to know you the “client” we can provide many more personal services. These extra services you will get to read about starting with the next enhancement “Meals”.

2. Meals

Trust Us can provide help with your routinely daily meals. Trust Us carers can provide you with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner meals throughout the day.

Most importantly all meals would be prepared freshly, or meals would be prepared ready for a later time.  Further more when our carers come to know the “client” better they would be able to provide a more personal meal plan. If its a boiled egg and soldiers, or just some strawberry jam on toast for your breakfast. Rest assured we can help provide you with your desired needs.

Trust Us will also be there to assist with support you may need with any personal care with regarding help you may require with eating your meals, and with any household duties you required with the cooking and cleaning of the plates and cutlery. This brings us to the next private home care enhancement “Household Duties”.

Household Duties
3. Household Duties

Trust Us can help enhance your day to day life with making it a more relaxing day. Without the worry of completing those daily household chores. Why not sit back and have a relaxing cup of tea while we catch up on any household chores that needs attention.

Household Duties that Trust Us can provide within the Norfolk area but not limited to-

  • House cleaning with vacuuming, dusting or cleaning kitchen worktops.
  • Washing of clothes, hanging out to dry and putting away.
  • Ironing of clothes.
  • Washing of plates and cutlery.
  • Outside chores

Therefore these are just a few of the household duties provided by Trust Us. Most importantly when our carers come to know you the “client” better we would be able to provide a more personal household duties support.  This may perhaps be to provide shopping runs made for your weekly food shopping. This brings us to the next enhancement “Shopping”.

4. Shopping

Trust Us carers will be able to either, assist in participating in with you with your weekly shopping or provide a full service in making a shopping run on your behalf.

The word “Shopping” is broadly used for many types of shopping required by you the client. Most importantly this doesn’t have to be just for food shopping and could be a visit to the local town shops in general. This might be for something you require in general, or perhaps just a nice day out to visits some shops and have a relaxing cup of tea at your local coffee shop.

Therefore when the carers here at Trust Us get to know you on a more personal note. We will be able to provide you with a more personal shopping experience and personal requirements. This brings us the fifth Private Home Care Enhancement “Companionship”.

5. Companionship

Trust Us can offer a service of Companionship within the Norfolk area when required. Companionship care can provide support for our clients who are isolated and lonely, but are still healthy and are happy to remain in their own home. Where Trust Us carers can provide many services as well as companionship within the clients home.

Companionship care will vary from person to person, but generally will be aimed to reduce and/or prevent loneliness in an elderly person who might otherwise become isolated.

Companionship care can vary from just a few hours a week to perhaps several hours a day. This can make a huge difference to the day-to-day outlook of someone who would be totally alone. Where loneliness can become a cause of depression or other illnesses and conditions.

What Trust Us can offer with our Companionship care to help towards-

  • Someone to talk to (or just there to listen)
  • Outings (Shopping to a cup of coffee)
  • Recreational activities (card games to watching a film)

These are just a few of the companionship services provided by Trust Us. Most importantly when our carers come to know you the “client” better we would be able to provide a more personal companionship care. Perhaps even with Day/Night sits, which brings us to the next enhancement Trust Us can offer with Day/Night Sits.

Day/Night Sits
6. Day/Night Sits

Trust Us can offer a service of Day/Night Sits when required by the client. If you require any of the Day/Night sits Trust Us would be able to offer many of its services during these times. Some of the most relevant services clients may require during any Day/Night sits may be-

  • Support for relatives or friends if they have prior appointments  (or just need some personal time)
  • personal care required during the day or through the night

Trust Us can offer the following service for their Night sits-

  • Awake nightsOne of Trust Us carers will come to your home during the night hours and remain awake to provide whatever assistance or monitoring may be required.
  • Sleeping nights: One of Trust Us carers will sleep in your home during the night hours to provide peace of mind and assistance if required.

What ever reason you may require a Day/Night sit, most importantly once our carers come to know you the “client” better we would be able to provide a more personal Day/Night sit.

Dog Walking
7. Dog Walking

The last service Trust Us are able to provide with the Norfolk area is Dog walking. Many elderly clients may have dogs for companionship, but perhaps find it difficult to walk them. To keep your dog in a healthy and fit condition and to stop them from perhaps becoming mischievous within the home.

They need regular walks, this is when Trust Us carers can assist the client not only with any of our care services but also with the walking of their loved ones. So if your in need of a service of Dog walking, rather having to find another company for dog walking only, Trust Us would be able to provide this service along with any care services we already are offering to the client.

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